Mark L. Levine, B.A., R.M.T.

Pediatric + Family Craniosacral + Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a referral, or can I just book an appointment myself?

You don’t need a referral to the clinic for our purposes, though your extended health care benefits plan may require an MD’s referral to qualify for reimbursement of fees. 

If you feel comfortable with the information presented in this website, or from referrals you may have had from friends or family, you can book an appointment on line yourself, even if you have never been to the clinic before.  Just click on the 'Appointments' button above, and you will be taken to our secure appointment scheduler. 

Initial sessions are typically 1.5 hours for adults, and 1 hour for children to allow for a discussion and an assessment process.     

Depending on an individualized assessement of your needs and your or your child’s response to the first session, a regular session is typically  1 hour for adults - though some sessions can be as long as 3 hours and as short as a 1/2 hour - and typically we work with with children in 1/2 hour sessions, though that also varies.

Mothers with new infants are advised to book an adult Initial consultation of 1.5 hours as we generally work with the mother first, in part to demonstrate the gentleness and effect of the work, and in part because mothers and babies seem to do best when treated together.

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