Mark L. Levine, B.A., R.M.T.

Pediatric + Family Craniosacral + Osteopathic Manual Therapy

Frequently Asked Questions


How is Craniosacral therapy different from Energy work?

Energy work is a loosely defined group of approaches including Therapeutic Touch, Reiki, Chi Gong, Healing, and so on. 

Craniosacral therapy incorporates many of the principles and insights from these various approaches, and shares in common with them a transpersonal model of energy exchange, and extraordinarily deep relaxation as part of the experience. 

Craniosacral therapy, however, occupies a middle ground between the physically manipulative approaches to bodywork such as Chiropractic, Physiotherapy and Massage Therapy on the one hand, and Energy work on the other. 

Craniosacral therapy is much lighter in touch than most physical approaches, and yet is also a manipulative science that uses direct hands-on mobilizations of connective tissue and joints (albeit very light) in specific directions, which is not characteristic of the various practices described as Energy work.

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