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Frequently Asked Questions


How is Craniosacral therapy different from Psychotherapy?

Craniosacral therapy has many parallels to psychotherapy insofar as it is a holistic approach concerned as much with psyche as with the body.  

Craniosacral therapy is, however, fundamentally a body centered form of therapy, so it is very different, both theoretically and in practice, from talk therapy. 

Like with yoga, massage therapy and other transformational arts, emotions frequently well up during sessions.  Part of the process is simply acknowledging what is happening through dialogue, making it safe to encounter the emotions of trauma or sustained stressors previously held as muscular armoring.  Dr. John Upledger, the devloper of craniosacral therapy, calls this process of psychosomatic catharsis somatoemotional release. 

Some find this approach alone sufficient as a means of personal exploration, while others who have done or are doing psychotherapy concurrently find Craniosacral therapy a useful adjunct.

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